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Products & Services

Software Engineering on behalf of third parties

The technical team of Expertisetech consists of professional Engineers with an Academic background. Several of them are former University professors, still maintaining excellent contact with the Universities of Helsinki, Pannonia, Budapest, Lannion, Tallinn and Delft. We may offer services to third parties Some examples of the expertise available:


  • Qt, Android, Ubuntu and iOS applications
  • Mobile middle-ware development
  • Low level mobile development
  • Application porting between platforms
  • Client-server based solution development
  • Agile methodologies


  • Automated testing
  • Continuous integration system building
  • 3-D technology and holography
  • Remote sensoring

Secured Communication Services and Encryption

The “Secured Communication Services” of Expertisetech are based on a flexible, scalable, robust technology providing a framework to implement a group of features for advanced encrypted communication. We take care of providing services complying with both International as regional regulations, offering our clients the privacy needed to conduct legitimate business.


Currently, “Secured Service” is working on the following:

  1. Integration of the technology in an international platform, managed by a major service provider for Mobile Operators
  2. The launch of secured communication solutions for specific groups under the name “Top Privacy Messenger (TPM)”. Please visit

Applications based on three-dimensional projections and Holography

We will keep you informed on our new developments!