ExpertiseTech | Our Vision
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Our Vision

The world is rapidly changing

…and we aim to be actors in the process of change. Not in a one-sighted, purely technological manner, but also taking the other factors of change into consideration. Attention for factors related to legal, political and socio-economic developments is essential. The ultimate goal of technology is to contribute to a higher level of human wellbeing…. Not to replace humanity!

In practice our vision encompasses the sustainable search and further development of innovative technology, making use of our creative and intelligent team of experts


That team is now primarily dedicated to developments related to


A. Secured Communication and Encryption
B. Managed services for Mobile Operators
C. Applications based on 3-D projection and remote sensing

BY Dwight Isebia

We tend to think we know the Truth
by vast research that leads to Proof
and we want to stick to what we see,
as proven Truth, eternally

But we find no Truth through Proof:
We try to prove what we hope is true!

So when we practice what we call Science,
we often find what we already knew
and rejoice because our precious mind,
convinced itself, it proved a Truth

(DPI 2011)